About Anne

I’m an avid reader living in Yorkshire. I’ve been blogging and reviewing for a few years now on a variety of sites but this is the first site which is all my own. I have recently retired from paid work but this is purely a hobby – no fees, no adverts, no income for me if you go on to buy any of the books I recommend.

I read a variety of books. I don’t read horror but that is probably my only big exception. I like to mix and match genres and often have a few books on the go at any time of different types. The main fiction genres I read are crime, fantasy, romance and literary fiction. For non-fiction it is mainly history and biography with a few true crime books thrown in as well.

I read paper books and ebooks on my Kindle. I also listen to audio books and I like to browse through charity shops which is why I have so many paper books. I adore my Kindles (yes, I have more than one) because they are just so convenient.

The purpose of this site is to share my thoughts about books and reading. I promise to be as honest as possible about I feel about the reading experience – others may, of course, hold different views.

At the moment I am not accepting advance reader copies of books so all books mentioned or reviewed on here I bought or was given.