March’s reading – I add more to my to-be-read pile than I removed from it !

In March I read 38 books. This is a good number swelled by the fact that I read a number of short books (mainly romances) and I was off work for a week which allowed more reading time.

I read 12 of those in paper form but sadly acquired almost as many replacements for the ones that I then gave away (see photo above for one weekend’s trawling through Charity shops, mainly in Worcester). I also downloaded quite a few in a number of sales held by both Amazon and Audible so I probably added as many to my to-be-read collection this month as I removed from it ! This means that I did not reduce either the number of physical books I own, or the number I own but which are unread – both of which are aims of mine. In that respect, despite the impressive number of books read, the month was a bit of a failure.

I note that I listened to five audio books which is a bit of a record. Normally I manage two or three in a month. I must have read shorter books than usual and I did have two fairly long motorway trips during the month which increases my listening time considerably.

The majority of books I read were novels, mainly romances but a few classics as well. Two thirds were read on my Kindle and 30 out of 38 were by female authors. I read four non-fiction books in the month which falls short of my aim of reading one quarter of my books as non-fiction.

Given the number of books I have read so far this year (89) I am anticipating a total for the year of 350 to 360 which would be around what I read last year. My circumstances haven’t changed significantly so that makes sense.

I’ve got another blog to write about key books I have read this month but I will say here that a lot of them have been outstanding. It seems that I can always find great books to read – I am absolutely sure that there are plenty more in that to-be-read pile. Next month’s aim is to read more than I add !