My Reading week – Monday

Monday started for me with the clock radio bringing the news into my bedroom at 6.30 am and then continued with me rolling over and going back to sleep because I don’t go to work on Mondays. It is because of this late start that I allowed myself to stay up after midnight finishing my book on Sunday night so technically I started Monday by reading and later this evening I intend to finish it the same way !

The book I was reading was Arrowood by Mick Finlay. This is an historic crime novel set in London at the same time as Sherlock Holmes. I quite enjoyed it although I felt that the rants that the main character makes about Holmes, while funny and clever, were also overdone. I wasn’t sure whether or not buy the next in the series but discovered that at the moment it is only 99p on Kindle. This meant that I cleared one book from my to-be-read pile/list only to add one !

Reading Twitter over breakfast I saw references to an urban fantasy novel I hadn’t heard of before. I am a great fan of this type of fantasy and was rather intrigued by the blurb. As a result, I bought a copy of Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells. You don’t need to point out that this is not helping the to-be-read situation !

I treated myself to a bath during the morning. I like to read in my baths which is why I bought my Oasis Kindle which is waterproof. Today I decided to read a paper book. Paper books are not waterproof and I have dropped a few in the water in my time but I don’t do it very often and as most of my books come from charity shops and are not at all valuable I usually take the risk. I am reading Presumed Dead by Mason Cross. This is a thriller/crime novel set in a small American town where a serial killer in the past seems to have returned and the series main character Carter Blake, who specialises in finding missing people, is called in to help investigate. I quite like this author’s books and have read a few of them. I read a chunk of this one in the bath and finished the novel later in the afternoon. I won’t be keeping this book but have put it aside for a friend who particularly enjoys this type of story.

Part of my activity today was to take three or four novels I don’t want any more to the book table in our local Sainsbury’s. This is a great feature and a reason why I often call into the branch (that and the toasted teacakes). They do collect money for local charities and they often have books that I enjoy there – I am assuming that other people who visit the store must have a similar preference in books. I took in four books but “accidently” came away with two ! These were Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward which is a book about poverty and racism in contemporary America and which has been compared with Beloved by Tomi Morrison which I have read, and The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg which is a crime thriller set in Sweden. I don’t know very much about either of these books but they looked interesting and were obtainable for a small donation to charity.

I also took a bag of unwanted items into a local charity shop and came out with Life Class by Pat Barker. I enjoyed her Regeneration trilogy and I note that this book is the first in another series of three. It is also set in World War I.

I am pleased to say that I haven’t added any more than that to my to-be-read pile/list today. I spent some time this afternoon continuing to read Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames. This is my current Kindle book and is a fantasy novel about a band of mercenaries who get together again to do one last job. It is not a particularly original novel as I have read others which are similar but it is good natured and fun to read and I do enjoy the idea of getting the band back together again to face insurmountable odds and then overcoming them.

My current audiobook is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. This is a very, very long book which I have been listening to for about three weeks and am just past half way through. I am positive that I would never have read this in print but am finding it strangely compelling on audio. It is a political book written to make a point about capitalism and socialism. I completely disagree with the author’s point of view but I am finding the narrative strangely gripping. I listened to the book when driving today and as background when doing a bit of cleaning and was pleased to have listened to another 1.5 hours although there is still plenty to go !

I jotted up my reading/listening time today and it came to about 5.5 hours. This is obviously unusual as it is my day off work – tomorrow is likely to be very different. I finished two books, read some of another two, and purchased five. If I ever want to find out why my reservoir of unread books keeps growing then today’s experience tells me everything that I need to know.

I have a little bit of time now before bed so I might read a few chapters.

Keep reading !