My 12 in 12 Challenge – January – Crime Novels – Book 6

For book six of the month we are back to cosy crime again. It is The Windsor Knot by Sharyn McCrumb. This is one of a series featuring her heroine Elizabeth MacPherson who is a young American woman with a passion for all things British. In this book in the series she is about to marry her Scottish fiancé when she discovers that he has been invited to a Royal garden party in Edinburgh which she can only attend if they are married. So the wedding, which will take place in America, is accelerated and the book is mostly about the preparations for this and their effects on family and friends. It helps if you’ve read the previous books in the series as this will introduce you to the characters and the past mysteries which Elizabeth has been involved in.

The mystery in this book is buried beneath the wedding arrangements and, on occasions, only seems like an afterthought. It is quite a clever idea though and the book as a whole is enormous fun and is a quick and easy read. It reminds me very much of my book 4 in this challenge which was by Donna Andrews.

This author writes another set of crime novels set in the Appalachian mountains and based on traditional ballads which are very descriptive and a lot more serious than this book. I recommend them as well.

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