My 12 in 12 Challenge – January – Crime Novels – Book 14

This is quite definitely the last book in my 12 in 12 Challenge for January. This is the final crime novel before I turn to a different type of book for February and it is an old favourite – The Deeds of the Disturber by Elizabeth Peters.

This is another historical crime novel set in late Victorian times and is part of a series featuring the intrepid Egyptologist and part time mystery solver Amelia Emerson (nee Peabody) and her family. This is a glorious set of amusing and engaging crime novels because of the portrayal of the narrator Amelia. She is an inventive and engaging creation who is a totally unreliable narrator but who is absolutely convinced that her version of events is the way that things are. You cannot fail but be captivated by Amelia and amused by her way of looking at the world.

Amelia and her husband are archaeologists who usually spend their time in Egypt excavating the ruins and fending off criminals and murderers at the same time. This book is unusual in the series in that the story is actually set in London although it concentrates on Egyptian remains and the fabricated curse of the mummy stories dreamed up by the popular press. Amelia investigates, gets herself in and out of danger, interferes in everyone else’s life, brings up her son in a frighteningly robust manner, and revels in her love for her irascible husband. In the end the criminal is brought to justice and all the loose ends are tied up – you would expect no less of Amelia.

If you haven’t read any of this series I really encourage you to start with Crocodile on the Sandbank where we meet Amelia for the first time. These are books that can be reread over and over again with true enjoyment and they never fail to make me smile.

We have finished with crime novels for January. I have managed to read a few other books which aren’t of this genre so I will try and blog about those before I start on my February 12 in 12 challenge which is to read 12 books in the month set in different parts of the world. I have the books set aside and it is now time to make a start. To get them read in one month will be a challenge indeed, especially as they are not all novels and few of them are very short.

Join me and keep reading !