September is over – what I think I will read next month despite my house move

After failing to reach my target of reading 12 books where women write about women in August I am pleased to say that I have overachieved on stand-alone novels for September. What the difference is in the two months I have no idea so I have no real reason for the discrepancy and, of course, in the end it doesn’t matter. The purpose of the 12 in 12 Challenge has always been to reduce the number of books on my to-be-read pile and any reduction is an achievement.

My reading for the year is approaching 280 books with three months remaining. Last year’s total of 353 looks achievable but, to be honest, I’m not really concerned with the numbers and I have very much enjoyed reading this year by theme. It has encouraged me to try books that I have left sitting for months and even years on my shelves and this has often been a very positive experience. I may try and do something similar next year. Unfortunately the siren call of the charity shop, Kindle sales and the supermarket book table has resulted in my adding to the to-be-read pile but I think the overall total is still reducing.

For October I am going to read factual books. They will all be history books although I hope to read some very recent history as well as some older. The books I have chosen are about a variety of themes because history and understanding how the world, culture and society we live in has come about is an interest of mine. I have a particular passion for books about Tudor history and those about the influence of religion on history but I will read almost anything. All the books I am reading are popular history but I have looked for well researched and serious narratives.

I suspect that I won’t get 12 books read for my Challenge in October because history books tend to be longer and need more concentration than novels and also because I am, all things going well, actually moving house during the month and will have my concentration on other things. I have packed my books already – all 49 boxes of them. I have a supply to hand until my bookshelves are safely installed in my new house. My Kindles are loaded and ready to go. What could go wrong ? (Don’t answer that question because I am having nightmares just thinking about it !).

I will try and keep the blogging going during the next month but there may be long silences depending on my access to the Internet at any given time. I may have less time available to read. I may also decide that I can’t concentrate and, therefore, read light novels and familiar books instead of history. Whatever happens, however, be assured that I will keep reading !