A modern fairy tale romance – pure escapism. “Four Sides to Every Story” by Valerie-Anne Baglietto

Sometimes we need a touch of whimsy – we need a fairy tale to read to take us away from the mundane things of this world into a different reality. Four Sides to Every Story by Valerie-Anne Baglietto is a modern day fairy tale set in our world but with added magic.

Lily Rose has been sent by the fairies to make sure that Sawyer marries Sophie and that they have the required happy ever after. Lily comes to the small town of Fool’s Castle on the Welsh border to make the happy event happen but somehow it doesn’t seem to be that easy. She becomes embroiled in the lives of Sawyer and his children and she can’t seem to make Sophie a part of their lives in the way that she is becoming. Her own relationship with her absent boyfriend also seems strained but she has to succeed at this task so that she can have her own happy ending.

This is a lovely little romance which is not quite as obvious as it appears on the surface.. Sawyer is trying to be a parent to the children of his late wife but he spends a lot of time arguing with his stepmother who also has her problems. Sophie seems determined not to be part of a relationship and isn’t always doing what Lily wants. Lily and Sawyer find themselves drawn together which is certainly not in the plan and could have terrible consequences for Lily’s fairy status. More than one person is hiding secrets and the hero will have to make a substantial effort to win his true love

There are a lot of romances with a touch of magic and sometimes they irritate me but this is usually because the magic is filling a plot hole. This book is about the fairy tale and is not just a romance with added whimsy. I enjoy the hard hitting novels and gory crime but on occasion it is nice to just relax and immerse yourself in this type of book and if you feel the desire then this is an excellent example of the genre.