“Legacy” by Nora Roberts – our heroine is a keep-fit guru but someone is out to kill her

Legacy by Nora Roberts is a romance with a touch of suspense but also a story about one woman’s life. It starts with a bang when Adrian’s father, whom she has never met, tries to kill her as a child. It’s a gripping opening passage and it’s followed by the story following Adrian through her adolescence and into a successful adulthood.

If you have read any of this author’s books (and there are many) you will anticipate that the main character will have some sort of job where she is self-employed and successful. Previous novels have included main characters who are writers, artists, owners of small shops, film stars, singers, owners of small inns, dancers, etc. In this book our heroine is a keep fit and exercise blogger with her own U-Tube channel, successful videos and a range of accessories. It’s an unusual occupation for a heroine or at least one that I haven’t seen anyone else write about.

Adrian’s occupation means that she’s in the public eye but also that she’s very fit and both of these become important when someone begins to target her and to try to kill her. She surrounds herself with close friends who become a surrogate family and moves to a small town where she thinks that she will be safer – both of these are standard themes in this author’s writing.

Nora Roberts writes good romantic suspense but this book has a lot less suspense than usual and is really the life story of a woman with a difficult childhood who makes good and falls in love but who also has an enemy who wants to kill her. You are never in any doubt from the beginning that she will be successful in life and love as well as overcoming anything which stands in her way. This all sounds cheesy but actually the book is engaging and enjoyable because the author’s style of writing is effortless – you become attached to Adrian and want to see her succeed and overcome her problems and to get her happy ever after ending.

This is not a book to be taken seriously and nor is it probably an accurate depiction of the challenges in becoming successful in this field of work – it’s not intended to be a manual. It’s a light-hearted but enjoyable romance novel which engages you and leaves you feeling very satisfied at the end.