2022 – what I intend to read this year

In the past couple of years I have read books which fitted into themes in an effort to organise my reading and to try and tackle my ever growing to-be-read pile. I have also tried one or more book challenges to add a bit of variety into my reading. I have blogged about what I have read or what I liked and a gratifyingly growing number of people have followed my blog and read my posts.

For 2022 I thought that mostly I would just read what I want and blog about most of the books as I finish them. This could become onerous (I usually read over 300 books a year) so I am not promising to review or write about each one – on average I put up a new blog twice or three times each week and I don’t think I could do more than that without boring both my followers and myself.

In addition, I have stolen someone’s great idea off the Internet (I didn’t retain the name of the person who first came up with this so I apologise here to whoever they are). 2022 sees my sixtieth birthday so I am going to try and read one book written in each year of my life, so far. That will be sixty books in the year.

I have had a go at making a list of these books already and they are certainly a random bunch. I have used lists of award winning and bestselling books for each year and as some of them are American the books may not have been published in the UK for the first time in the actual year chosen but this is not an exact science so I’m not too worried about it. I have to have heard of the books, or the authors, and they have to engage me in some way. I am not just reading worthy books but those that have attracted my attention for some reason and look fun. It’s an eclectic list, all fiction, some of which I have read before, but many years ago, and most of which are new to me. I will have to read these books at a rate of slightly more than one per week so quite a lot of next year’s reading will be part of this challenge.

Look out, therefore, this year for 60 books in 60 years and for additional books I read from the to-be-read pile.

Will I get through the list of 60 in one year ?

Will I manage to read more books than I buy in the year ?

Will I enjoy what I choose ?

Will I keep up with the blogging ?

I’ll keep you posted and, meanwhile, keep reading !

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