Murder in the Lake District

Rebecca Tope has written a few crime related series. All her books are quick and easy reading. The Patterdale Plot is part of a series where the books are set in the Lake District and the main character is Persimmon (Simmy) who is a widow and owns a flower shop. Simmy’s parents own a Bed and Breakfast in the area and by this book in the series Simmy is engaged to be remarried and is also pregnant. I’ve read a few of these books and it really doesn’t matter in what order you come to them.

In this story someone staying at the B and B dies in front of Simmy and her parents. She cannot help but investigate, although she has no standing, and she also involves the young people who work in her flower shop in trying to work out what has happened. It appears that the dead man was somehow connected with a local campaign to prevent development happening in Patterdale (a very pretty part of the area). Simmy doesn’t want an ugly development for tourists but, on investigation, it appears that no planning application has been lodged and people may be getting annoyed for no reason.

This is a quick and easy read. You have to accept that Simmy would really investigate in this way and that the police would put up with it and share information with her. Once you’ve got over that hurdle the story is relatively straightforward and Simmy tries to find out what is going on as well as enduring the issues of pregnancy and trying to find a home for her family for the future. The author knows her area and if you have some knowledge of the Lakes then this adds a layer to the enjoyment of the book.

This book is perfectly enjoyable as a quick read but I have to say that it’s not particularly notable or memorable. I would read others in this series if I had access to them but I wouldn’t seek them out.

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