A copycat murder ?

Murder on the Moorland by Helen Cox is set in the North York Moors. Kitt Hartley hears of a murder in the small village where her partner, DI Malcolm Halloran, lived and where his wife was murdered. The murder is very similar to that which occurred in the past and this is worrying because the first murderer has been imprisoned although he protests his innocence. Has there been a terrible mistake ? Is this a copycat murder ?

In order to investigate Kitt and Malcolm travel to the area where they make contact with the local investigating team. They are allowed access to witnesses and the crime scene even though there is obviously a conflict of interest and Kitt is not a police officer (she is a librarian). I found this aspect of the story totally bewildering. Would this really be allowed ? Surely this would make it almost impossible to have a fair trial when the perpetrator is discovered ? The pair also endanger the investigation even further by interfering in the process and annoying some of the witnesses/potential suspects. Just to add another layer of unbelievability for me a psychic also becomes involved.

The plot of this book is clever and the story well enough constructed but I couldn’t accept that this set of events was realistic and that spoiled the reading experience for me. Looking at other reviews of this story it appears that I am very much in the minority so it might appeal to other readers.

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