2022 Non-Fiction Books of the Year

As usual I want to share with you the books I most enjoyed over the past year. These are not books published in 2020 but books read by me during the year – this makes my list personal to me and follows my usual approach.

Today I am sharing the non-fiction books I loved. I will also post lists of the novels and the audiobooks I enjoyed most.

Here’s my non-fiction list for last year to compare. This year some of the non-fiction books will also be on my audiobook list.

I have posted reviews of all these books and you can find those by clicking on the title.

Here we go – in no particular order….

  • Adrift by Tracey Williams. Without a doubt the most beautiful book I have read this year – a delight to browse through with an important message too.
  • Kiss Myself Goodbye by Ferdinand Mount. A family memoir with the author trying to find out more about the life of his aunt. Absolutely fascinating.
  • Cold Burial by Clive Powell-Williams. A tale of exploration and adventure which went tragically wrong.
  • The Lost Café Schindler by Meriel Schindler. Another family memoir of a family lost and broken by war and persecution.
  • The Fragments of my Father by Sam Mills.Supporting a family member with mental health issues, its effect on everyone and links to literary couples of the past. Unusual and moving.

I enjoy non-fiction of all sorts, although mainly biography and history and I have read a variety in the year but these stand out and I recommend them.

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