My Reading week – Thursday

It has been a full day, and a rainy one too, but not one with a lot of time for reading. Reading is my main activity/hobby and something which I do make time for every day if I can, but on occasion other things do get in the way.

I did read for 30 minutes last night after I finished my blog and for another half an hour at lunch time today when I went out to a local café for a sandwich. On both occasions I was reading Kings of the Wyld which I talked about in more detail on Monday. I also listened to 1.5 hours of Atlas Shrugged which I have been reading every day this week and which I am slowly getting through (at the current rate of reading I have another two weeks left).

Other than that I have not had any time for reading especially as I have happily spent the evening having a meal with my son. We did chat about books in passing and he is currently reading a lot of Roman historical novels. He recommends Bernard Cornwell, Harry Sidebottom and Conn Iggulden particularly. He favours audiobooks and both he and I have read and enjoyed Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky which is a science fiction novel about the creation of new species in the future. He tells me that he has recently purchased Semiosis by Sue Burke which is apparently along similar lines.

I was very proud of myself. During my lunch hour I slipped into a couple of charity shops near the office to peruse their books. They both sell second-hand books at a very cheap price and I have had some great bargains from there in the past. I am, however, delighted to say that I came away with nothing new today.

What gets in the way of my reading time. Here is a list (note that not all of these things are bad !) :

  • Working for a living
  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Social Media and the Internet
  • Sleeping
  • Housework, shopping and other chores (although I can listen to audiobooks on occasion depending what I am doing)

About the only thing I can do less of there (and continue healthy and solvent) is time spent on the Internet and I probably do a bit too much of that, although not nearly as much as some people I know. I can’t see me making any major changes in my lifestyle in the near future so this week’s reading experiences are probably typical.

Today I finished no books and didn’t buy any. I read for 2.5 hours and will probably read a bit more now before I go to bed.

Keep reading – and try not to let the other stuff get in the way !