My Reading week – Friday

The end of the working week has come and gone. However much you enjoy your job, and I love mine, Friday (or your Friday equivalent if you don’t have a standard work week) is special.

This Friday, like every Friday I declared the evening solely mine to do exactly what I wanted with once I reached home. Of course, this means reading ! Reading on the sofa and reading in a hot bath and reading with a glass of wine (not essential and not every Friday but very nice when I indulge). My usual practice is to ignore the books I am currently reading and to find a couple of light novels to read over the weekend. It is not that my usual books are particularly hard going but I like to treat myself with something particularly enjoyable.

This Friday I picked out three novels from my to-be-read shelves for my weekend reading. They were :

  • Revenge of the Wrought Iron Flamingos by Donna Andrews. This is one in a series of cosy crime novels by this author. Her main character is an ornamental blacksmith and she gets embroiled in crime mainly because of her slightly crazy family and friends. The author has a wry wit and the books are totally undemanding. I am currently rereading the series and have got to this third one which has an excellent title – the author has bird related titles for all the books in this series for no reason that I can fathom.
  • The Printer’s Coffin by MJ Carter. This is the second in a series (I am assuming there are more but I haven’t checked) set in nineteenth century India and London. They are crime novels. I enjoyed the first one but I have to say that my mother in law absolutely loved it and I shall pass this one on to her as soon as I have finished it. It is starting with our two mismatched detectives investigating the murder of printers in London at the behest of the government.
  • The Unfortunates by Laurie Graham. This author is a favourite of mine. She writes about a range of historical periods set in London and Britain and her main characters are always strong women who are on the periphery of great events. One book featured the murders of Jack the Ripper, another was set during the time of Admiral Nelson, one featured the daughters of George III, another was around the events of the abdication of Edward VIII and a favourite was a novel where the main character was involved with the Kennedy family when they lived in England. I have only just started this book but so far our very rich heroine’s father has been killed on the Titanic – I look forward to seeking what life has in store for her.

On Friday I read (or listened to audiobook) for a total of 4.5 hours. I finished no books and bought none. It was, however, a great evening’s reading.

Keep reading !